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2020-05-11 10:13

Member Lite

The language cannot be changed, and the server cannot be modified.

Other functions are the same as members.



You can browse the exchange item prices, recent price trends, and report the exchange item prices.

※ The exchange is updated by all members actively reporting prices, not automatically.

Cost calculator

For the equipment, headgear, cards, and furniture that can be made, you can directly calculate the total number of materials required and read the price of the recent exchange to calculate the approximate cost price.

Item drop rate

You can see the drop rate of items dropped by monsters.

Advanced search

You can search data by more conditions such as dropped items, equipment effects, deposit / unlock attributes, etc.

Item / Monster search

Through the search bar at the top of the home page, you can quickly search for props and monsters.


You can add equipment, headwear, cards, food, and furniture to your collection.

Example: Collect your own unlocked headdress, and then cancel the collection after unlocking, to record your unlock and deposit.

MVP & Mini Timer

You can use functions such as merge and notification.

iOS / Android App

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