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2018-12-21 10:15

需要查看亚服的小伙伴,可以通过首页底部的 “切换资料库” ,选择 “SEA (English)” ,更换到亚服的资料库。


  • 游戏资料跟随对应所在服务器版本;

  • 周BOSS、公会地图按以往经验应该是通用的,所以未做分离,以中国服务器为准。

  • 无限塔线路,亚服按线路尾数区分,例:EN3、EN23、EN33、EN*3 的线路 BOSS 都是一样,所以上报时,只需要选 1-10 线即可。



QQ: 747501122 谷里


※ 目前仅网页版支持 SEA 资料,会员在网页中更换为 SEA 资料库后,可能导致 APP 错误。可回到网页版切换回世界服资料后恢复正常,在网页版测试一段时间后,我们会更新 APP 支持 SEA 资料库。

To view the Asian service, you can change to the Asian service database by selecting “切换资料库” at the bottom of the homepage and selecting “SEA (English)”.

Special description of the Asian service database:

  • The game data follows the version of the server where it corresponds;

  • Week BOSS, the map of the guild should be universal according to past experience, so it is not separated, the Chinese server shall prevail.

  • Infinite tower lines, sub-services are divided according to the number of lines, for example: EN3, EN23, EN33, EN * 3 line BOSS are the same, so when reporting, only need to select 1-10 lines.

Because I am not in the Asian service, as well as language barriers, the activity board can not be updated.

If a player is willing to maintain an activity board or endless tower line or valhalla map, you can contact us:

QQ: 747501122 谷里


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